Also called Granito, this type of flooring is made up of fragments of coloured marble and resin. This technique is a cost-effective alternative to cast granito containing cement, pigments, water and fragments of marble (less resistant than terrazzo resin) which has been known since ancient times.

Having made a timid reappearance during the nineteen twenties, terrazzo resin came back with a bang in the nineties and is still today a fashionable and infinitely luxurious product used in the private and public sectors, industry and retail. This popular flooring is rapidly operational due to its speedy installation.

We have immense experience in terrazzo resin floors:

  • Ferrero 15,000 m², (General)
  • L’Oréal 30,000 m², (Belgium)
  • Manchester Underground Station 1,500 m², (GB)
  • Mediacité 15,000 m², (Belgium)
  • GSK 5,000 m², (Belgium & GB)
  • Accor Hotels Arena 10,000 m², (France)
  • Shopping Mall 10,000 m², (Tel Aviv - Israel)
  • The Courthouse, 12,000 m² (Paris - France)
  • European Commission 1,500m², (Brussels - Belgium)
  • Boutiques LANCEL (France)
  • Roche-Bobois,
  • Museum "Bourse de Commerce", 5,000 m² (Paris),
  • Judaism Center, 1.000m² (Paris),
  • Michelin Offices, 1,000 m²
  • ...