Resin floors / Industry

Our resin floors and our application techniques are known for their durability and resistance in sometimes extreme conditions. All our floors are guaranteed (for a period that varies in function of the chosen system).


Resin floors offer durability and performance when it comes to the most demanding conditions.
One of our project managers will help you to make the best choice according to your specific flooring needs.
As an indication, please find our classification chart below.

Nom Description Utilisation Epaisseur
Sealer Top coat (one or two coats). LD Up to 150 µm
Film-forming coating Applied in two coats.  LD / MD 150 μm to 300 μm
Coating  Applied in two coats.  MD

300 μm to 1000 μm

Multilayer flooring Multilayer system of coatings and aggregates. MD / HD >2mm
Self leveling floor Self-levelling with smooth surface. MD / HD 2 mm to 5 mm
Resin mortar Trowelable mortar with filler and topcoats. MD / HD >4 mm
PU Cement Smooth or non-slip surface (PU cement). HD / VHD 4 mm to 9 mm
Terrazzo epoxy industry Terrazzo system composed of marble and resin aggregates / trowelable. VHD >6mm


LD (Light duty): light pedestrian traffic, pallet truck traffic and/or rubber tyred vehicles

MD (medium duty): regular pedestrian traffic, passage of forklift trucks, occasional traffic of trolleys with hard plastic wheels

HD (Heavy Duty): constant traffic of forklift trucks and trolleys with hard plastic wheels, resistant to some impacts.

VHD (Very heavy duty): very heavy and frequent traffic and impacts.

The main advantages of our resin floors make it the best choice for the most demanding industrial environments.

  • impeccable surface hygiene,
  • resistant to chemicals (acids-solvents),
  • mechanical and thermal resistance,
  • resistant to shocks, impacts, stains,
  • puncture resistance, resistance to lateral shifting, resistance to abrasion, rolling wear resistance,
  • non-flammable,
  • waterproof,
  • antistatic properties,
  • easy to clean,

An infinite range of colours. It is even possible to create surfaces made up of different colour zones, including entire frescoes. This, coupled with the absence of joints, creates an extremely aesthetic floor covering which is highly appreciated by our customers, especially architects, enabling your floor to be transformed into a visible and effective element of marketing in its own right.

As far as material is concerned, all types of resin coatings are available, whether based on epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylate, methyl methacrylate (MMA), vinyl ester or even terrazzo.