Shopping malls & retail

Is the most popular idea of happiness in the modern world ...

From a sales and marketing point of view, nothing in a shop or shopping centre should be neglected to maintain the pleasant illusion of living a dream.

The floor being a very visible part, maximum attention should be paid to its aesthetic appearance.

Subject to intense traffic of shoppers, floors must also remain in perfect condition in the long term.

In close collaboration with your architect, 4m Group can implement the most refined, the most sophisticated and the most complex designs.



When you opt for a 4m Group resin flooring solution you can count on:

  • optimum mechanical resistance,
  • resistance to wear,
  • easy maintenance,
  • non-slip properties,
  • modern design in a wide range of colours,
  • durability of the original aspect over time,
  • the best solution to fit your budget.