Car parks


The car park is often the first point of contact with your company or organisation. If it is impeccable, it will immediately convey an excellent impression of your company and create a sense of security.

Car park floors need to withstand intensive daily use and attack from hydrocarbons, leaking liquids but also bad weather where the car park is outside.

Worn, cracked or chloride-contaminated areas can quickly appear on concrete floors in car parks.

Using resin increases the longevity of the concrete slab and effectively resists different forms of aggression.



When you opt for a 4m Group resin flooring solution you can count on:

  • optimum resistance to wear and tear and to weathering
  • easy maintenance
  • increased visibility and brightness for the safety of your workforce
  • non-slip properties
  • modern design in a wide range of colours
  • noise reduction.

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