Car parks


The car park is often the first point of contact with your company or organisation. If it is impeccable, it will immediately convey an excellent impression of your company and create a sense of security.

Car park floors need to withstand intensive daily use and attack from hydrocarbons, leaking liquids but also bad weather where the car park is outside.

Worn, cracked or chloride-contaminated areas can quickly appear on concrete floors in car parks.

Using resin increases the longevity of the concrete slab and effectively resists different forms of aggression.



When you opt for a 4m Group resin flooring solution you can count on:

  • optimum resistance to wear and tear and to weathering
  • easy maintenance
  • increased visibility and brightness for the safety of your workforce
  • non-slip properties
  • modern design in a wide range of colours
  • noise reduction.

Case study

Auchan car park

The customer's needs 

The Auchan shopping centre in Luxembourg is the largest and busiest in the country. The building also houses offices of the European Commission. The car park is used daily by 35,000 vehicles on 4 underground levels.




The constraints 

Renovation involved 56,000 m2 of flooring and 85,000 m2 of walls. In the meantime, the shopping centre had to remain open 7 days a week and the car park accessible to customers.

The enormous ground surface was asphalted and cracked in many places. The option of removing it before constructing a new one was out of the question.



4m Group's solution

4m Group carried out technical research and tests for 2 years in order to propose the best solution to the customer.

First, the cracks were sanded and filled with Flowcrete polyurethane.

Then 4m Group applied a polyurethane primer, a Deckshield elastomeric PU membrane, a PU base.

The top surface was finished with Flowcrete Deckshield Terminer. This solution increases the anti-skid and reflective properties of the surface to provide greater safety and comfort to users.

The final result is a safer, more resistant car park floor that is easier to maintain.

The 4m team consisted of 15 to 35 professionals who, depending on the phases, worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in shifts. Work on the site was spread over 4 months with a minimum of disruption of activity for the shopping centre.

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