Food industry and industrial kitchens

Preparing meals, the processing and management of food and beverages must be carried out in a spotlessly clean environment.

Whether for the food industry, refrigerated warehouses, industrial or community kitchens, restaurants or cafeterias, a floor installed by 4m Group is the perfect solution for such environments.

The major advantage of a resin floor for the food industry is the absence of any joints and the continuity of the floor on the baseboards. With regular, easy cleaning, no bacteria or dirt can be housed there.

We make every effort to minimize disruption to your business and we comply with the European standards in force.

When you opt for a 4m Group resin flooring solution you can count on:

  • an anti-microbial floor,
  • non-slip properties,
  • suitable for wet and dry processing areas,
  • a flat surface,
  • suitable for steam and hot water cleaning methods,
  • stain resistant,
  • modern design and coloured if required.


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