Sports and leisure


Sports floors are the interface between the ground and the person doing the sport. They must protect users from shocks that can measure up to several times their own weight.

According to the activities practiced in your sports hall or club, thanks to its years of expertise, 4m Group will advise you on area elastic and/or point elastic sports flooring systems.

The level at which users practice their sport will also be taken into account (confirmed or professional, general public, children, beginners) in order to guarantee you the right balance between security and performance.

4m Group is a partner of the AES (Association of Sports Establishments)





These are the benefits of our sports and leisure floors:

⦁ sustainability
⦁ functionality
⦁ vertical deformation
⦁ elasticity
⦁ hygiene
⦁ performance
⦁ the absorption of shocks and noise
⦁ resistance to wear
⦁ a design that invites the practice of sport
⦁ the best solution to fit your budget